Trickey Pond

Trickey Pond Environmental Protection Association

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Fun Facts About Trickey Pond

Secchi transparency avg. - 9.6 meters -data for 2011

Historical data follows:

Color (spu) - 7

Total Alkalinity (mg/l) - 7.7

Specific conductance (μS/cm) -36

Total phosphorus – surface grab (ppb)   1

Total phosphorus – epilimnetic core (ppb)   6

Chlorophyll (ppb)             1.7

There are no significant year round streams that flow into Trickey Pond, and even those that maintain a small flow in the dry months, seem to originate in hillside springs within the small water shed.  Consequently it is concluded the pond is entirely spring fed which probably accounts for the high water quality.

The primary outlet is at the north end of the lake and flows into the northern end of Sebago Cove.  The pond level was raised several feet at one time by the addition of granite blocks to form a dam and spillway.  At the same time a ditch was dug and a second outlet created parallel to current day route 114 at the south western end of the lake to feed a mill pond and sawmill.  The amount of water released was controlled by a small dam with removable flashboards. Currently, the culvert that carries the water under Trickey Pond Road appears to be collapsed, and there is very little flow in the ditch.


The species of fish in the lake, when last surveyed by the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife in 1996, are:


Lake trout

Brook trout


Rainbow smelt

Smallmouth bass

Largemouth bass

Yellow perch

Chain pickerel


Golden shiner

White sucker


Banded killifish



American Eel